The next generation of WordPress: WebVR Visual Editor


by Gabriela Georgieva

In our previous blog posts, we already introduced you to two of the teams of the WebVR Incubator. We talked about WebVR UI (CentroUI) and news media in VR (Empact). Now, we will take a new direction with the next two teams, working on content creation tools for VR, more specifically WebVR editors. In two consecutive blog posts, we will …


WebVR storytelling: the way to increase user engagement

VR Storytelling

by Gabriela Georgieva

In a previous post, we introduced the WebVR Incubator. A program that empowers six ambitious teams of web developers to build immersive VR experience with web technologies. In this follow-up post we will introduce you to Empact. Behind Empact there are two determined professionals – Hristian Ignev (founder) and Milan Rusev (web developer). They are working on a storytelling project in …