WebVR authoring tool that can change the way we learn

Immersive-Learning in VR

by Gabriela Georgieva

The WebVR Incubator is almost at its end. We started the project to help the WebVR community grow, work with talented web developers and learn from each other. It helped us understand what challenges WebVR developers face and on what we should focus on when building a WebVR browser. It was inspiring to see how diverse the usage of WebVR could …


The next generation of WordPress: WebVR Visual Editor


by Gabriela Georgieva

In our previous blog posts, we already introduced you to two of the teams of the WebVR Incubator. We talked about WebVR UI (CentroUI) and news media in VR (Empact). Now, we will take a new direction with the next two teams, working on content creation tools for VR, more specifically WebVR editors. In two consecutive blog posts, we will …