Тhe current state of the UX of VR (Part 2)


by Bilyana Vacheva

In the first part of the series “Тhe current state of the UX of VR”, I made a general overview of the challenges of creating an intuitive UX of VR. Now, I decided to focus on practical tips and examples that will help you get started with UX of VR. This blog post is a summary of my experience as …


Тhe current state of the UX in VR (Part 1)


by Bilyana Vacheva

Virtual Reality brings great opportunity for creating immersive user experiences. Simultaneously, it poses a large number of challenges in front of the content creators. UX in VR is an unexplored field that captures the imagination of many. In this blog post, I will go over some of the major challenges that we, as innovators in the field of VR, will …