WebVR storytelling: the way to increase user engagement

VR Storytelling

by Gabriela Georgieva

In a previous post, we introduced the WebVR Incubator. A program that empowers six ambitious teams of web developers to build immersive VR experience with web technologies. In this follow-up post we will introduce you to Empact. Behind Empact there are two determined professionals – Hristian Ignev (founder) and Milan Rusev (web developer). They are working on a storytelling project in …

The future of web browsing

The Future of Web Browsing

by Bilyana Vacheva

Do you remember the world before you could browse the web before you could google, shop online, or rent an apartment on Booking.com and Airbnb? The web has become such a major part of the modern world that it seems almost impossible to get through the day without using it. It is exciting to think that in ten years time …


Building the WebVR UI of the future


by Bilyana Vacheva

We at Coherent Labs are passionate to empower front-end developers to create immersive experiences by using web technologies. Our team is developing the first web browser designed specifically for Virtual and Augmented Reality. LensVR is a result of many years of experience in developing browsers for high-performance applications, working with game engines, and designing game UI and UX. We recognize …


Тhe current state of the UX in VR (Part 1)


by Bilyana Vacheva

Virtual Reality brings great opportunity for creating immersive user experiences. Simultaneously, it poses a large number of challenges in front of the content creators. UX in VR is an unexplored field that captures the imagination of many. In this blog post, I will go over some of the major challenges that we, as innovators in the field of VR, will …