LensVR rendering engine (Pt. 2)

LensVR Rendering Engine

by Stoyan Nikolov

This is the second blog post of the sequence in which I talk about the LensVR rendering engine. In the first post, I discussed the high-level architecture of the LensVR rendering. In this post, I will get into the specifics of our implementation – how we use the GPU for all drawing. I will also share data on a performance comparison I …


LensVR rendering – HTML at 1000 FPS

LensVR Rendering Architecture

by Stoyan Nikolov

Web page rendering is one of the most interesting and active development areas in computer graphics. There are multiple approaches with pros and cons. In the post, I’ll go into details about the LensVR rendering engine, how we get 1000 fps and compare it to Chrome and Mozilla’s WebRender. I’ll split the post into two parts, this first one is …


How to get started with WebVR?


by Bilyana Vacheva

What is WebVR? WebVR is an experimental JS API that empowers web developers to create VR experiences. If you are already using WebGL to render interactive 3D graphics in a browser, the switch to WebVR will be a natural continuation of your work. All other web developers can start by using a higher level of abstraction than WebGL. In the …