The VR/AR web browser

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Why LensVR?


Experience a browser built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of VR and AR developers.

High performance
on any device

Enjoy complex VR experiences with browser architecture designed for high performance.

Powerful development platform

Start developing right away, no need for deep technical knowledge.

Support for all VR/AR headsets

Reach a wide audience by developing an experience that runs on every VR headset.

Why another browser?

The team behind LensVR has many years of experience in developing browsers for high-performance applications and top selling video games. Our deep understanding of the web, game engines, and VR evoked our passion for creating VR experiences with web technologies. Our experience with the current web browsers shows that they are unable to offer the necessary performance to support immersive VR and AR experiences. That is why we decided to take a new approach and built from the ground-up LensVR – a VR-first browser. Get involved and learn how you can create and experience the web in a revolutionary way through a webVR browser.

The VR industry is growing

VR, MR, and AR (collectively XR) may be considered a hype by many, but will be crucial for achieving development in education, medicine, analysis, training, and travel. XR will become $37BN market by 2020.

VR/AR development accessible for everyone

The need for skilled VR developers is growing. Game development knowledge should not be a prerequisite for building VR experiences. LensVR liberates the creation process by empowering web developers to use the skills they already have to build in VR/AR.

Safe, open and welcoming environment

LensVR is the product of our belief that the web should be a free and open platform. It supports all VR headsets and provides an environment where users can safely browse the internet. The user experience is intuitive, designed to offer a welcoming environment for everyone.

What is WebVR?

WebVR brings together the web and VR to create an accessible platform for building and experiencing VR and AR applications. It empowers more developers to build immersive experiences, pushing the VR industry to evolve to a mature state. The VR applications are not limited to high-end large-budget experiences anymore but could serve a large number of goals. The broad diversity of VR content will attract more users and the ecosystem will grow. The best news of all is that every WebVR experience will be accessible through simply a browser and a VR device.